August 12, 2011

Reviewing the Iowa GOP debate - Redneck style

Although many pundits tout Romney as the winner in the Iowa debate, I prefer to rate the contenders by how they improved their positions in relationship to the others in the field.  I saw the debate much like a NASCAR mid-race pit stop.

Big winner out of the pits:
Newt Gingrich - Speaker Gingrich demonstrated a superior command of facts and knowledge of history, along with the ability to articulate his stance on issues.  His "take no prisoners" chastising of Chris Wallace was classic.  He has the horsepower if he can keep it on the track.

Next out:
Herman Cain – Mr. Cain entered the debate pegged as the also ran with a sputtering engine due to missteps and poorly phrased responses during recent interviews.  While many expected him to falter again, Cain had done his homework, and came race prepared with a surety of purpose.

Following by a whisker:
Michele Bachmann – Representative Bachmann continued to gain on presumptive leader, Romney, with her poise under attack.  While seeming imperturbable in her response to Byron York’s misogynistic question about her marriage, she showed she was not afraid to mix it up in the corners when she put Pawlenty into the retaining wall.

Maintaining their positions:
Rick Santorum – Senator Santorum exited unscathed, with his conservative credentials intact and still in the trophy hunt.
Jon Huntsman – Governor Huntsman gave no indication he was ever serious about his run.  He entered in last place, and seemed content with cruising along as if he were going for a Sunday drive.

Falling back:
Mitt Romney – Well, falling back may be a bit strong.  Governor Romney looked and sounded Presidential.  He did himself no harm.  He came in as the overall points leader and left as the points leader.  However, he did lose ground to the hard charging Bachmann.

Dropping way back:
Ron Paul – Representative Paul blew a tire with his assertions that Iran having nuclear weapons would be no threat, and they had the “right” because other nations possessed them.  He has no chance, but his spin-outs keep the race interesting.

Behind the wall:
Tim Pawlenty – Governor Pawlenty tried desperately to make a move, but playing bumper tag with Bachmann and Romney proved a poor strategy.

On the infield grass picking flowers:
Gary Johnson – A non-qualifier mentioned only because he is still an officially announced candidate.

Dennis P. O'Neil


  1. Anybody who still supports Ron Paul after that exchange with Santorum is a complete idiot. Love him on domestic and Constitutional issues, but he is a moron when discussing the world beyond our borders.

  2. The Paulistas are a full bag of mixed nuts when it comes to political philosophies. They free range across just about every ideology, united only in the stand that what THEY want to do must be protected from government - no matter the consequences. Most are single issue activists who cannot accept the contrary views of others, while being incensed that others would reject their utopian visions. Therefore, they wrap themselves in the cloak of Libertarianism - although they would still prefer that liberty be limited to them. Since Dr. Paul espouses that free for all mentality on many issues, he is their natural champion.

  3. Gonna' put out a new report now that the straw poll is over and Perry is in the mix (not to mention Pawlenty's exit). This could all of a sudden get kind of exciting, don't you think, Saltwater?

  4. P.S. I am adding your blog to my blogroll over at wordpress. Trust you don't mind.

  5. I agree with you on all the positions, but feel that Romney is only up front cause the press says so. He really creeps me out. A complete RINO, and he said his sons were serving the country by trying to get him elected. That should be a DQ all by itself.

  6. Saltwater,
    Nice summary. I would like to see our candidates beat up on Obama instead of each other and submit what they would do in contrast.

    Now that Perry has announced, it changes everything. I look forward to learning more about him.