February 27, 2012

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Would You Like to Become a Czar?

The Administration's naked power grab even has some Democrats shaking their heads in disbelief.  In a blatant end run of Congressional oversight, Obama is creating a multitude of extra-Constitutional positions for his favored friends and allies.  These so-called “Czars” may wield greater authority than the Cabinet level officials in charge of the departments where they work.  They will report directly to Obama and, as sure as God made little green apples, will claim Executive privilege if anyone questions their actions.  Obama is carving up and doling out the power of government for far-left radicals like a feudal king assigning serfdoms to those who are loyal and answerable to the king - and the king only.
I struggled for a way to address this insanity until I came across a great rendition of the Pat Donahue parody, Would You Like to Play the Guitar?  Thanks go out to the anonymous YouTube talent known only as Fret Killer for lightening my mood and inspiring the following:

Would you like to become a Czar?
With expense account and a car?
Hitch your wagon to Barry's star?
Here is your chance to make it big.
Cabinet appointees are hard to confirm.
Questions on taxes make them squirm.
They are watched like hawks by those on the right
And Congress insists on its oversight.
So, if you want a job with real vig,
Don't take a Secretary gig.
Would you like to become a Czar?
Work inside the DC bazaar?
Show how so much smarter you are?
You should be working for The One.
Obamessiah's building a second tier
Of policy wonks to rule through fear.
The White House has openings for more than a few,
Obedient Czars and Czaresses who
Will work to get his left-wing changes done.
Who needs a Constitution?
Would you like to become a Czar?
Throw your weight around near and far?
Write regulations? Har-dee-har-har!
Well then, this may be your shot.
It really doesn't matter which job you should choose,
It's only the peons who lose.
Health, banks, environment, maybe energy
Or geek Czar of Technology.
So, Marxists come pick your favorite slot.
It's yours, qualified or not.
All the monkeys aren't in the zoo.
Even monkeys can be czars too,
And they're good at turning the screw.
It doesn't matter who you are,
When having power without par.
Yes, it's good to be a Czar.

Dennis P. O'Neil
Originally posted at Townhall.com on April 21, 2009
NOTE: Broken links in original post updated here since, because of crappy software, I can no longer edit posts at Townhall.