February 27, 2012

Not So New Posts

To my past readers: Some of you may recognise many of the essays presented. Continued problems with Townhall software have forced me to repeat articles here, as I am not able to update older posts with broken or outdated links. My original posts will remain at Townhall. So, please bear with me if something looks "dated" or familiar.
To new visitors: Welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy your stay as we scan life's horizon together.


  1. Good to see you back in action, Salty!

  2. Thanks,BrianR. It is good to be back, and hopefully making some small contribution in the efforts to save our Nation.

  3. Ah yes, rubbing saltwater in the wounds of progressivism/socialism/whatever ism you want to call it.

    Good to see you up and running again, Saltwater. These are treacherous times and I need all the ammo I can get when communicating with elected types.

    I shall be back tomorrow to read the post below and comment.

  4. I love the way you turn a phrase, Mrs. AL - Rubbing saltwater in the wounds indeed. I may just purloin this prose in the future - with your permission, of course.

    1. Permission granted but none needed, IMO, Saltwater. We're all in this together (well, those of us who have a real hankering to recover our Republic that is).