May 20, 2010

Deliverance on the Potomac

The Obama ship of state is floundering, thanks to Arizona and it's recently enacted anti-illegal alien law.  The Arizona legislature wrote the law to help protect the citizens and legal residents of Arizona.  The law was also a plea to the Federal government for action in stemming the invasion of illegals crossing our borders.  However, instead of a shot across the bow of the Obama administration, it seems Arizona's action was a direct hit at the waterline of the SS Turddodger.  

The crew panicked.  Firing blindly at Arizona while never having read SB1070(as amended), they rushed before cameras of an ever compliant media to denounce the law.  From Captain O himself on down, they implied that all law enforcement officers in Arizona were unrepentant racists, with stout lynching ropes in the trunks of their patrol cars, on the hunt for people with brown skin and accents.

Instead of support and positive action to secure America's borders, all that is coming out of Foggy Bottom is a squealing that would make Ned Beatty proud.   The only thing missing is the banjo music.

Dennis P. O'Neil

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