May 13, 2010

OK, Let's Rock

National reaction to the Arizona anti-illegal immigration law by open borders advocates is getting out of hand.  Several communities and organizations have called for boycotts – economic blackmail – hoping to force Arizona to repeal the law.

Leading the list of usual suspects are La Raza, NAACP, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Louis Farrakhan, and poverty pimp Al Sharpton.  Now, the Los Angeles City Council has jumped in the same cesspool as the cities of West Hollywood, San Francisco, Oakland, CA and Boston with their vote to bar Los Angeles from doing business with Arizona.

The left-leaning old media was all atwitter over the Council's action, initially touting a potential $52 million hit to Arizona's economy, as indicated by a CBS report:
The proposal could affect investments and contracts worth as much as $52 million, including contracts for airport, harbor and trucking services, according to a report from the city's chief legislative analyst.
However, any actual impact would be substantially less according to Councilwoman Janice Hahn.
Hahn, who co-authored the resolution, said it would be impractical to cancel most of those deals and only about $7 million to $8 million in city contracts probably would be affected.
"US Airways is based in Arizona and they certainly fly in and out (of Los Angeles)" and it would hardly be feasible to end those flights, Hahn said before the council vote.
“Hardly feasible” is new speak for against Federal law. Nice dodge on Hahn's part, but the kicker is what other areas this misguided resolution will not force to participate in the boycott.
Hahn said the Los Angeles boycott also won't affect the city's Department of Water and Power, which has wind farm and nuclear energy contracts in Arizona.
That's because the largest nuclear power plant in the free world, Palo Verde, sits just 45 miles west of Phoenix, and supplies a large portion of the electricity keeping those in the dark about immigration from actually living in the dark.  Southern California also draws large amounts of water from Arizona's share of the Colorado River.  If Los Angeles truly wants to make a statement, let them unplug their giant extension cord from Palo Verde and pull their sippy straw out of the Colorado River.

I would like to remind them the Arizona Corporation Commission sets rates and tariffs on resources such as water and power produced in Arizona.  It wouldn't take much of a hike to recoup that $7 million to $8 million lost to Los Angeles petulance from the California citizens dependent on those resources.

It's time for Arizona and its citizens to drop the gloves with those communities and organizations pushing for a boycott in favor of illegal activity.   To the Los Angeles City Council - Jump if you feel froggy.

Dennis P. O'Neil


  1. Great Post,

    I'm struck by this thought Saltwater: "No State (and that would include all government units within the state) shall... pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts..."

    Seems to me California and other State/local government units acting against the obligation of contracts is in violation of the Constitution for the United States of America.

  2. I'm joining the boycott.
    I have refused to travel to or through LA for more than a decade. I travel across the state to the extreme eastern border to go south when I need to. San Fransicko? Not in twenty years.
    Those of us who live in the Conservative rural areas of Cali mostly despise the rest of the so-called inhabitants of the ghetto/waste lands.

  3. Its amazing that anyone in the LA city government are taking trips to anywhere, given the dire financial crisis caused by idiots like Janet Hahn and her moronic father, who was mayor for a term or so. I guess this boycott will be messing up some bureaucrat's vacation at the Grand Canyon Lodge. You can expect the skies over Sedona to be jammed with UFOs when the REAL aliens hear that the obnoxious hippies have started avoiding their favorite landing spot (LOL). I guess those Klingons and Romulans should stop off in LA and get themselves a fake driver's license in case they get profiled by those thuggish Arizona cops.

  4. Anonymous

    Until Spring of '02 I always thought California to be one large commissary of fruits and nuts.
    In the Spring of that year I took a motorcycle trip and visited some rural Northern California areas. I took logging roads and 2-lanes from Redding to Eureka. A town called "Hayfork"...I could easily pull up my Oklahoma stakes and move to Hayfork. I can understand now why Northern Californians would like to become a separate state.

  5. Looks like somebody was listening.


  6. What's funny to me is that it's obvious no one has read the darn bill. It has mostly to do with illegals that are caught as a result of a crime. In other words, it has more to do with criminals than it has to do with illegal immigration.